Size does not matter.

One of the things people always ask when buying a 3d printing. Is how big is the build area. How large of an object can I print? Neglecting other features the 3d printer has. What I say to this. It matters not what the build area in many cases. If you want to 3d print something bigger. Cut the model up into smaller chunks.

There are a couple of options for this. Free too. One is Netfabb Free, it has an easy slider system where you can easily cut up the model into smaller chunks and then easily export them out as files. Another is an application from Autodesk, called MeshMixer. It too has a selection where you can cut the object up into smaller chunks. In my experience, it takes a bit more messing with to get the result you want.

If you modeled the object you are 3d printing. Your software should have an option of slicing up the object or some way of breaking it apart. The name is different from package to package and modeling method, like polygons to solid modeling, Nurbs etc.

After the parts are printed. It is a simple matter of putting them back together. Via plastic welding. Some of the many kinds of glue out on the market. Like super glue for example. If it was printed in ABS, you can use acetone mixed with some ABS, and spread it over the edges that are being put together. Then you have epoxy as an option too.

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