Hi! I am Mike Grauer Jr.  I am a 3D Artist, an industrial designer, a 3D printing expert on the Desktop, and a photographer and some times writer. Welcome to my new website.  

My Goals.

I am going to use my skills in design and 3d graphics to design freely available designs. All that will be put under Creative Commons licence and Open Source if applicable. Raise founds to keep going via crowed sourcing platforms, such at Patreon, Kickstarter and similar sties. Eventually I hope to get some of my stuff made into real world products that could be sold in retail.

Another goal is to be known as a great public speaker on the topics of 3D printing and similar technologies. I want to be able to speak at public events of all kinds. From all around the world if I am able. I believe in the future of additive manufacturing and want to promote it to the general public. To be a cheerleader for this amazing future. 

My Education and my working life.

I am trained in animation and media design at the Art Institute of Seattle. Obtaining a Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2009. Studying not only 3D Graphics, but all the other facets of animation from traditional 2D animation to story telling. Along with a lot of other odds and ends mixed in. After that I got an MBA in Marketing at Argosy University, Seattle Campus. Studying under some very smart people, like Tim Mantz, and Felicia Guity and many more. 

My working life I have done some boring and intresting stuff. Worked at McDonald's for my first job at 17. Bell rang for the Salvation Army. Tutored people in animation and graphics software while still in college. Helped people in a couple of failed startups in the Seattle area. Wrote for Inside3DP. Gaining respect in the 3D printing community as a well versed expert in the field. 

I have volunteered at a lot of different places. The Navel Undersea Museum at Keyport Washington when I was a young teenager. Helped out at the Museum of Flight in their A/V department filming live events. Helping in leadership positions in Church. One off events such as helping out at Sakura-con a major anime convention that happens in Seattle each year. I help out at one off events that Kitsap Create does, such as the mini maker fairs, and other public out reach events promoting STEM and creative activities. I have helped out at passed local ham radio events in Kitsap County, from feild days to Hamfests. 

Along with that. I have done a whole lot of community theater. Acting in plays, from drama, comedy and musical. Directing plays, stage techie, to serving on committees, to serving on a theater bored of directors for a couple of years. 

My interests on the outside. 

I love to study of politics, economics, history, and technology for their own sake and Eastern cultures. Then I am active in my local Creator group, called Kitsap Create. Ham Radio is a small hobby of mine, I go by the call of KE7DBX. Travel is something I want to start up again. Do that with all my other interests(Partly why I want to do speaking engagements). I am also active in the Autism community. As a card carrying member. A intense love of Anime and all things Sci-Fi.